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Movie Review: Azazel Jacobs’ Momma’s Man

Azazel Jacobs returns home with his 2008 feature film "Momma's Man." Read More »

TV Review: Supernatural – “Yellow Fever”

Dean is a pansy. Yep, the episode is every bit as outrageous as that sounds. Plus, showing love for Eric Kripke. Read More »

DVD Review: The Sarah Silverman Program – Season Two, Vol. One

I highly recommend you pick this DVD (and its first season) up. Read More »

DVD Review: Ray Harryhausen Collectible DVD Gift Set

A new set of releases from one of the kings of stop-motion animation has hit store shelves. Read More »

Supernatural: “Monster Movie” Preview and News

Episode clips for "Monster Movie" and a surprise, plus Supernatural fans prove they're the best. Read More »

TV Recap: Supernatural – “Metamorphosis”

Sam's a whole new level of freak. So is the monster of the week, who eats people. Read More »

Supernatural Season Four: What We Know So Far

With all this mythology and back story unfolding over the first three episodes, it's time for a sanity check. Read More »

DVD Review: The Foot Fist Way

Grab some beers, invite some friends over, pop this DVD in and enjoy. Read More »

Top 20 Comic Book Movies of All-Time

Ranking the best movies adapted from the world of comics. Read More »

TV Recap: Supernatural – “In The Beginning”, Part Two

Dean finds out what he has to stop. He's not happy. Read More »