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Book Review: Thorns on Roses by Randy Rawls

Makes the reader contemplate the American justice system and to question who it really protects - the victim or the criminal. Read More »

The Osama Death Photo: Why do You Need to See It?

Given the other information available, Bin Laden's death photo shouldn't even be an issue. Read More »

Book Review: A Hard Death by Jonathan Hayes

Can a mistake make a pathologist lose those he holds most dear? Will it keep him from seeing the truth? Read More »

Graphic Novel Review: Criminal: The Sinners by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Tracy Lawless is back, and the shadows in the alleys where he lives have never been darker or more dangerous. Read More »

Graphic Novel Review: Incognito by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Super-powered criminal Zack Overkill's villain days are finished, but what if he wants to be a hero? Read More »

Book Review: Schemers by Bill Pronzini

Nameless and his agency are hired on two separate fronts to deal with lethal families. Read More »