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Legal Analysis Should Not be a Partisan Plaything.

Partisan gamesmanship can easily backfire. That is likely to happen in the highly emotional "torture" debates. Read More »

Scammers Exploiting MoneyGram Money Order Verification System

Scammers are exploiting an automated money order verification system to trick unsuspecting people into cashing counterfeit money orders. Read More »

The Insanity Defense – Part 3: Loyalty, Truth and Justice in the Psychiatrist-Defendant Relationship?

If a psychiatrist has been hired by the defense, should the psychiatrist say what the defense wants him to? Read More »

Twin Reports Suggest We are Losing the Cybercrime War

Reports on the state of information theft (cybercrime) suggest that the problem is getting worse, not better! Read More »

Pirate Bay Operators Found Guilty

Sentences and fines have been assessed for assisting in copyright infringement. Read More »

Has Tombstone Become the Town Too Dumb to Die? – Part IV

Will the Battle at Six Gun City one day be reenacted along with the Gunfight at the OK Corral? Read More »

Has Tombstone Become the Town Too Dumb to Die? – Part III

Did you know if you dress up like a cowboy or lawman in Tombstone you can be arrested? Read More »

Willie Francis: Twice Put In Jeopardy

The executioner threw the switch, but Francis was not killed. The prison authorities unstrapped him and returned him to his cell. Read More »

Angels Pitcher Nick Adenhart Dies In Hit-And-Run Accident

The rookie pitcher was 22 years old. Read More »

The Insanity Defense – Part 2: Who Has The Defendant’s Best Interests at Heart — Court, Psychiatrist, Or Attorney?

In America we have a multi-layered system which may unfortunately translate into "you get what you pay for." Read More »