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Too Many in UK Addicted to Credit

Bad Addiction Credit

The Government may be talking recovery and growth, but there's a growing debt crisis, and the responsibility for reducing debt remains with the individual. Read More »

Millions More Consumers Could Be Bankrupt

Millions more above and beyond current bankruptcy numbers could be bankrupt. Read More »

How to Prioritize Your Debt

Make smarter financial decisions, like these suggestions, to reduce your share of the nation's $2.4 trillion in consumer debt. Read More »

Book Review: The Blame Game: How the Hidden Rules of Credit and Blame Determine Our Success or Failure by Ben Dattner with Darren Dahl

Do you take the blame or do you blame others? Read More »

Colorado Bill to Limit Use of Credit Reports in Hiring Shelved

A Colorado bill to limit use of credit reports in hiring decisions is shelved. Read More »

The Debt Deal: A Victory for the Establishment

If Tea Party politicians overwhelmingly voting against the deal wasn't evidence enough... Read More »

Very Few Actually Have a Perfect Credit Score

It pays to have excellent credit, but you don't need that A+. An "A" will do just fine. Read More »

What American Businesses Need: A Heaping Helping of Legislative Fairy Dust

Businesses make a lot more money when their customers aren't bankrupt or credit-unworthy. Read More »

Average Consumer Owed $4,200 On Credit Cards at Year End

Credit card debt levels have barely dropped over the past few years. Read More »

Average Credit Score Has Fallen Just Eight Points Since 2007

Is the crisis overblown? Read More »