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Too Many in UK Addicted to Credit

Bad Addiction Credit

The Government may be talking recovery and growth, but there's a growing debt crisis, and the responsibility for reducing debt remains with the individual. Read More »

Hey Congress, Small Business Owners Are People Too!


Most small business owners are still subject to predatory pre-recession credit tactics. Passing the Small Business Credit Card Act of 2013 would be a step in the right direction. Read More »

Common Sense on Credit and Debit Card Fraud

People worry so much about fraud, but in reality you're not in a whole lot of danger. Read More »

Credit Card Issuers Showing a Social Side

In their search for young consumers with high income potential, banks have moved off college campuses and onto the Web. Read More »

The Best Defense Against Rising Gas Prices? A Strong (Credit Card) Offensive

Believe it or not, there are ways to save on gas that don't necessitate significant lifestyle changes. Read More »

Free Money this Holiday Season: Make the Best Use of Gift and Credit Cards

Plastics can save you a lot of money this holiday season, and, no, I’m not talking cosmetic surgery. Read More »

Debt Figures Show that Americans are in Denial

Why, in the aftermath of the Great Recession, do U.S. consumers appear committed to consistently adding new credit card debt? Read More »

Visa Picks Favorites with New Prepaid Debit Rates

Visa's new pricing system for retailers seems to level the playing field, but in reality slams both small businesses and gas stations. Read More »

Expect the Quick Demise of Bank of America’s $59 Membership Fees

Membership fees exploit a legal loophole to profit off customers in credit card debt. They won’t be around long. Read More »

Credit Card Law Should be Judged with Facts, not Political Bias

Coincidence and ignorance are behind the belief that the CARD Act increased interest rates; economic pressures are the real reason. Read More »