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Book Review: Cork Town by Ty Hutchinson

A cover up that reaches to the top in Detroit politics. Read More »

Anatomy of a Cover-up

Anatomy of a Benghazi Cover-up. Read More »

The Current Situation

Recent (and arrant) administration blunders. Read More »

DVD Review: Paul McCartney Really Is Dead – The Last Testament of George Harrison

I’ve got a feeling we should just let it be. Read More »

Book Review: Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen

When Maura Isles took the road trip, she wanted to do something different. Now she's fighting for her life. Read More »

Book Review: I Missed Me After the Terror, During the Years of Unbearable Sorrow, Edited by Alan Allen

I Missed Me is a plea for justice for thousands of sexual abuse victims. Read More »

Movie Review: The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind is definitely the worst kind. Especially if you paid for your ticket. Read More »