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Book Review: Togetherness: Creating and Deepening Sustainable Love by Cyndi Dale and Andrew Wald, LCSW-C

A user manual for love? Read More »

Book Review: How To Get A Married Woman To Have Sex With You… If You’re Her Husband by Stephan Labossiere

Labossiere shares a candid, friendly, and humorous analysis of just what it means to have a cherished connection. Read More »

Book Review: The Best Sex of Your Life: 101 Secrets Every Woman Should Know by Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi

Sexperts Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi teach women to rev up their sex lives using fingers, toys, even kitchen utensils. Read More »

Jesse and Tiger, the Vet Will See You Now

Pleasure-seeking celebrities damage more than their marriages and families. Read More »

Book Review: A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage by Sharon Gilchrest O’Neall

Can a short book really tell it all? Read More »

Book Review: Answers to Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell, MD, and John J. Ratey, MD

Answers to questions from those who suffer from ADD and those who wish to understand more about this complex disorder. Read More »

There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Talking…

Does your partner say you talk too much, or get frustrated that you don't communicate enough? Read More »

Communication: Meaning vs Understanding

Do you ever feel misunderstood, or that someone is trying to tell you what you meant? Read More »

Making Love Last

Do you want a forever relationship? Learn the most important thing you can do. Read More »

Movie Review: Couples Retreat

Partying in Eden is more than it's cracked up to be. Read More »