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Political Symphony: When Politics Is the Family Business

An unified effort to deprive the state of its progress and wealth is underway. Read More »

There Must Be Some Misunderstanding: On Charlie Crist, Jim Greer and Last Week’s Commentary

Charlie Crist, Jim Greer, the new legal troubles headed their way and a few words about last week's commentary. Read More »

Straight Outta the Sunshine State: A Tale of Two Criminals in High Places

Charlie Crist and Jim Greer once ruled Florida, but are they collapsing under the weight of their own treachery? Read More »

Book Review: Between Assassinations by Aravinda Adiga

All usual vices - graft, greed, corruption - continue between the assassinations of Indira and Ravi Gandhi. Eternal India! Read More »

Strama and Keffer – When Bipartisanship Means Selling Out the Taxpayers

Bad legislation doesn't become good just because unprincipled legislators from both sides of the aisle support it. Read More »

Campaign Finance Laws are Absurd – Throw Them All Out!

It's time to reboot the campaign financing system. Read More »

“Terror Makes You Piss Your Pants!”: Caroline Glick Kicking Ass – Sorta

Caroline Glick - unrestrained satirist - shackled analyst. One wishes she could see how much truth there is in humor. Read More »

Single Member Districts – A Good Idea Whose Time May Never Come

Power corrupts and at large elections corrupt at largely. Read More »

Former Florida GOP Chairman Arrested

Jim Greer's calamitous political career comes to an abrupt and embarrassing end. Read More »

Book Review: Mr. New Orleans: The Life of a Big Easy Underworld Legend by Frenchy Brouillet and Matthew Randazzo V

"In New Orleans, the spoils go to the liars and the cheaters, and fair elections are for fairy tales." - Frenchy Brouillette Read More »