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Egypt and the Myth of Electronic Revolution

The Internet is not the cavalry. Read More »

India’s Apex Court Takes on Political Corruption

Whenever the conditions force the people to lose belief in the existing socio-economic system, one of the wings of the state assumes radical role of correcting wrong. Read More »

Putin vs. Medvedev in 2012

Cracks are beginning to appear between Putin and Medvedev heading towards the 2012 election. Read More »

Wikileaks’ First Casualty: Canada’s Envoy Offers to Resign

The full impact of revelation of diplomatic cables between the US’ ambassadors and the state department is yet to unveil. Read More »

Professional Wrestling: Quite A Corrupt Business

Professional wrestling used to be an adoring sport with extravagance and high impact theatrics. Man, have times changed. Read More »

US and Its Allies on High Alert as WikiLeaks Releases another Set of Documents

The US is worried that Wikileaks is endangering lives of people associated with it while continuing Afghan war killing several more civilians. Read More »

The State of Bihar

In every class, there is a child who is routinely held up as an example of what not to do. Read More »

Widespread Corruption Undermining India’s Economic Gains

India is trying to emerge as an economic superpower, but scams and scandals are tearing the ribs of the nation apart. Read More »

Success of Delhi Commonwealth Games Can’t Hide Corruption

Corruption in India is akin to the ten-headed Ravana. You cut off one head to find another taking its place. Read More »

A New Way to Spread the Wealth Around: Philadelphia Makes its Bloggers Pay Their Fair Share

We all pay sales taxes, income taxes, property taxes, and capital gains taxes, but what about blog taxes? Read More »