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Book Review: ‘Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap’ by Matt Taibbi


A wild ride through the 2008 economic meltdown that, six years later, still burns like an inextinguishable pile of tires in the hearts and heartlands of billions of people in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Read More »

Reverse Culture Shock: Customer Service in the U.S. is Ridiculous


If you want my business, try the novel idea of actually conducting one. Read More »

Playing Chess With Corporate America

How can three players play a two person game? Read More »

Why are the Occupiers Really Protesting? In Their Own Words

For over a month we heard stories about Occupy Wall Street. The movement has since spread to other cities around the globe, including Austin, TX. Read More »

Disdain for Herman Cain and His Ilk

The successful over 40 love to tout the successes they garnered during a system that is no longer in place. Read More »

Is It Police Brutality in Bolivia or Is It Something Much More Insidious?

Is everything you know a lie? Read More »

Corporations Pay no Taxes; All Taxes are Paid by Individuals

Corporations function as tax collection agents for the governmental bodies to which they report. They are not taxpayers. Read More »

Corporate Taxes — The Cure to Our Budget Woes?

Not if the "big picture" is taken into account Read More »

U.S. Uncut, ‘Progressive Tea Party,’ Demands Corporations Pay Their Taxes

With budgets being slashed, U.S. Uncut wants to shift the focus to corporate taxes that go uncollected because of various deductions. Read More »

DVD Review: The Yes Men Fix the World

The world does not quite get fixed, but it is given something to think about. Read More »