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OWS: The Prospects

It’s my considered opinion that unless OWS becomes injected with a brand-new life force and spirit, it has pretty much exhausted itself by now. Read More »

Out of Deep Love: The Lessons of Martin Luther King Jr.

Willingness to pursue justice in the spirit and language of love distinguishes the Martin Luther King Jr.'s of the world. Read More »

Dr. Cornel West’s Message to the President is Lost in Personal Acrimony

His attacks on the president lose credibility when they become personal. Read More »

MSNBC’s Black Agenda: Perms, Afros, and Ed Schultz

MSNBC's "Black Agenda” gave viewers clowns on parade and coonery at every turn. Read More »

The America We All Want

Is it possible for America to both embrace capitalism and create social programs to help her failed economy and growing domestic problems? Read More »