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DVD Review: Maximum Conviction

A nominee for worst action movie of all time. Read More »

Writing a Good Speech

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Trust No One!

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Movie Review: Conviction (2010)

Finding lawyers unaffordable, a lifetime struggle is undertaken to prove a convicted brother innocent. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Conviction

Compelling, but by the numbers, legal drama comes to Blu-ray. Read More »

Thomas Kinkade Goes To Jail: Is This What They Call “Yuletide Joy?”

Apparently, Mr. Kinkade's source of "Light" had been emanating from the bottom of the bottle all these years. Read More »

Movie Review: Conviction (2010)

Sam Rockwell knocks it out of the park, see it for him if nothing else. Read More »

Xbox 360 Review: Splinter Cell: Conviction

Sam is back again, this time for revenge. Read More »