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What Most People Don’t Know About the United States Constitution and Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Defense Featured

Law-abiding people tend to be unprepared for interacting with law enforcement. Read More »

A Time for Change: Gun Laws Must be Rewritten

The Constitution can and should be changed, guns are intolerable. Read More »

How the Supreme Court Should Have Ruled

The Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional regardless of the Supreme Court's ruling. Read More »

The Inevitability of Misinterpretation

The written word, and thus written laws, will always be misinterpreted. Read More »

Book Review: The Rights of the People: How Our Search for Safety Invades Our Liberty by David K. Shipler

How much will you give up to be "safe"? Read More »

Book Review: The Tea Party by Elizabeth Price Foley

Explains the constitutional and legal basis for the values of the Tea Party movement. Read More »

DOMA: The Latest Defeat

This year it is clear that Constitutional questions about Civil Rights, such as same-sex marriage, are not vote-getters for Republicans. Read More »

Society and the Individual, Part Two: Personal Freedom in the Land of the Free

Is freedom in America truly free? And how is it guaranteed? Read More »

Book Review: Tea Party Patriots by Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin

The organization's founders set the record straight with their new book. Read More »

The Political Issue Uniquely Suited to the Occupy Movement

A political issue has come along that is as big as Occupy itself; one that is at the core of what animates the movement, and itself would rely on the kind of geographically dispersed support that Occupy represents. Read More »