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Are we Really just Dumping Dollars Down the Education Toilet?

Why is it we spend so very much money on education? Comparatively speaking, are we really spending that much? Read More »

With Michele Bachmann Running For President, Sarah Palin Doesn’t Have To

Bachmann's entry into the race provides Palin Inc. with a golden opportunity. Read More »

Barack Obama: Spiritual Leader of the British

What does the undying fealty to President Obama among the British public really say about them? Read More »

The Conservative Big Lie about Corporate Taxes

They say the cost will only be passed on to the consumer, but this concept is misleading. Read More »

Canada’s Election Could Impact the U.S. Economy

Proposed Cap and Trade Policy Would Be Felt In Washington Read More »

Conservatives Divide and Conquer the Middle Class

Did you ever wonder why Wall Street bankers think they are worth $100 million bonuses? Read More »

Enjoying the Cold Weather? Thank Global Warming!

Anyone with a grasp of high-school physics should be able to see the clear connection between the two. Read More »

Michael Steele’s Coonery Tour Has Ended

Steele, a bright and intelligent person prior to becoming a national political figure, became someone who played up the worst stereotypes of Black in mainstream media. Read More »

Who Really Gives a Rat’s Patootie – Conservatives or Liberals? Let’s Find Out!

A detailed examination of what freedom really is...and what freedom really isn't, too. Read More »

It’s The Income Inequality, Stupid

Republicans will scream, "Class warfare." And that's exactly the point. Read More »