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How Search Engines Rank Pages

Every smart search engine optimizer starts his or her career by looking at web pages with the eye of a search engine spider. Read More »

Theater Review: Other Hands

Not so much a story about the entanglement of love, but a commentary on how we attempt to relate in a world surrounded by machines. Read More »

BugBlog Report 2/20/06: Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft

Here are some of the most significant bugs from the past week in the BugBlog. Read More »

IBM Announces Chip Breakthrough

Enables Moore's Law to continue uninterrupted well into the next decade. Read More »

G4TechTV: What the Hell Happened?

I am ticked off. Rule # 1: Don’t ruin a good web site full of valuable information. Rule # 2: Don’t mess with a man’s cable programming. And by the way, could they be more original with the name? G4TechTV. Sounds like MSNBC or something. The new G4TechTV web site does not like Safari at all. The layer that lets ... Read More »