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Book Review: Web Operations: Keeping the Data On Time by John Allspaw and Jesse Robbins

Web Operations is a resourceful anthology for web operations professionals as well as amateurs considering this challenging field as a career. Read More »

Book Review: Facebook Me! A Guide to Socializing, Sharing, and Promoting on Facebook (Second Edition) by Dave Awl

The second edition features expanded information on important issues like marketing and career networking. Read More »

Book Review: The Facebook Marketing Book by Dan Zarrella and Alison Zarrella

Confused by social media marketing? Learn how to use Facebook to promote a product or company. Read More »

Book Review: The Discovery of Socket Greeny by Tony Bertauski

Welcome to Virtual Mode, where nothing is real, or is it? Read More »

Book Review: Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out , by Ed Bott and Carl Siechert

Microsoft Office, the old work-horse, gets an update for 2010. Read More »

Book Review: SQL And Relational Theory: How To Write Accurate SQL Code by C. J. Date

Do you want to write accurate queries? Read More »

MacBook Air

Review on the First MacBook Air Read More »

Thoughts on Communicating About Improving Communication on the Computer

Meta-communication using computer mediated communication methods. Read More »

Book Review: Doing Both: How Cisco Captures Today’s Profit and Drives Tomorrow’s Growth by Inder Sidhu

Profound lessons on the strategy formulation and global execution of Cisco - a world leader in the high technology industry. Read More »

Epiphany in Golden Flames on the IS Wall

I interpret the fiery script... Read More »