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New Book on Digital Music, and Review of AOL’s MusicNet

Both from the indispensable Brad Hill. Read More »

Robot Fighter!

Magnus Robot Fighter. Well, not actually, he doesn’t have the little shorts, but who knew robots were such a threat? Read More »

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition by William Gibson It is a trick of perspective that parallel lines seem to converge, which is the case with “Pattern Recognition” the most mimetic novel by William Gibson. Gibson is often tagged as a science fiction writer, but that is driven more by a need for a “file under” label than actual fact. Starting with his earliest ... Read More »

Bloogle, two views

Only two divergent views from the marks on dead trees world of ink-stained wretches on the Bloogle. One gets it, the other doesn’t. The Guardian The news that Google has bought Pyra, the company which enabled the phenomenal growth of ‘blogging’ (the publishing of online diaries or weblogs) has had the mainstream media in a spin all week. One can ... Read More »

The Back Button on my Web Browser

A vent geared towards writing and technology. Read More »

Smart Homes for Bloggers

A terrific guide to getting started with home automation gets an upgrade. Read More »

Steve Case and the Customer Service Fairy

The visits come every night, and every morning the stock opens lower. Read More »