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Book Review: The Art of Raw Conversion by Uwe Steinmueller & Jurgen Gulbins

Learn how to produce art-quality photos by working directly with the RAW file format. Read More »

Book Review: Web Design in a Nutshell by Jennifer Niederst Robbins

A go-to book for many web designers, but it's accessible for anyone who wants to learn about the subject. Read More »

Book Review: An Army of Davids by Glenn Reynolds

I’d love it if he wrote a book about time management, but the text he did produce is informative and thought-provoking. Read More »

Book Review: Waiting for Your Cat to Bark

Today's customers behave like cats. Can your marketing herd them? Read More »

Book Review: Digital Art Photography for Dummies by Matthew Bamberg

Digital Art Photography isn't for dummies, but depending on what you do with your photos, it may or may not be for you. Read More »

Book Review: Enterprise Security – IT Security Solutions: Concepts, Practical Experiences, Technologies edited by Fumy and Sauerbrey

A valuable primer for consultants and non-tech-savvy managers. Read More »

Book Review: XAML in a Nutshell by Lori A. MacVittie

XAML is a brand new way of creating user interfaces for Windows, and XAML in a Nutshell provides many of the details you need. Read More »

Book Review: Programming SQL Server 2005 by Bill Hamilton

The major databases have all become more ecosystems than mere data storage mechanisms. Read More »

Book Reviews – Head Rush Ajax by Brett McLaughlin, and Ajax Hacks by Bruce Perry

Sometimes, it helps to look at a problem from multiple perspectives simultaneously. Read More »

Book Review: Play Between Worlds – Exploring Online Game Culture

A unique look at MMO video games from a personal experience. Read More »