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Manga Review: The Manga Guide to Databases by Mana Takahashi

Tico the database fairy teaches you about databases in a comic book?! Read More »

Book Review: Designing Web Interfaces by Bill Scott And Theresa Neil

Not a book about coding; this is a theory book on designing interfaces. Read More »

Book Review: Microstock Photography – How To Make Money From Your Digital Images by Douglas Freer

Will give you the insights you need to start making money from your camera or computer. Read More »

Book Review: Painter X Creativity – A Digital Artist’s Handbook by Jeremy Sutton

Use creativity to take your Painter abilities to the next level. Read More »

Book Review: The Principles Of Successful Freelancing by Miles Burke

While The Principles Of Successful Freelancing cannot ensure success, not having it can guarantee that you will learn some of these lessons the hard way. Read More »

Book Review: The Cult of the Amateur – How Blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the Rest of Today’s User-Generated Media are Destroying Our Economy, Our Culture, and Our Values by Andrew Keen

The Internet held such promise. Today, we can't help but wonder -- when did it screech to a halt and stop delivering innovation? Read More »

Book Review: Real World Adobe Photoshop CS4 by Conrad Chavez And David Blatner

I don't think that there is anything else that comes close to providing this much detail in a book on Photoshop. Read More »

Book Review: iBrain – Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind by Gary Small

What we once wrote in a dayplanner now oozes to phone, email, and the thousand faces we call our friends. Read More »

Book Review: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Little Brother could serve as a loose manual for insurrection, a sort of high-tech anarchist cookbook. Read More »

Book Review: The Photoshop Lightroom Workbook – Workflow Not Workslow in Lightroom 2 by Seth Resnick And Jamie Spritzer

If you want to truly become efficient in your Lightroom digital workflow, then you really need The Photoshop Lightroom Workbook. Read More »