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It Figures: My First Exposure to the World of Bodybuilding Competition

Attending my first female bodybuilding competition, I'm dazzled by the smell of spray tan and the sheen of Lucite heels. Read More »

Community Organizer’s Toolkit, An Adjunct To Mao’s Little Redbook (Part II)

Altruism is an alternative to competition as the all-definitive, if not vulgar, expression of the evolutionary principle. The question is, how can we put it to work? Read More »

Book Review: Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race by Todd Buchholz

Stress seems to be good for us, and retiring can make us feel stupid. Read More »

Why Second Place Might Be Better than First

It takes discipline and strong will to hold second place and win competitive advantage. Read More »

DVD Review: Harp Dreams: Inside the USA International Harp Competition

Harp Dreams is an entertaining, poignant, and beautifully musical glimpse into what it takes to become a world-class musician.” Read More »

A Chat With Vimeo’s Blake Whitman About the First Annual Vimeo Film Festival

Have you ever wanted to be a filmmaker? Read More »

Unsigned Bands to Open for KISS

Could your band open for KISS? Register now to compete for your place on the Hottest Show On Earth! Read More »

TV Review: Top Shot on The History Channel

Top Shot combines Survivor with firearms. Could be an interesting season. Read More »

Fill Out A Bracket And Win a Copy of NCAA Basketball 10

The best bracket takes home the prize. Read More »

The Festivals of Mars

What if our war dead were more than mere nameless statistics moved about under cover of darkness? Read More »