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Is Anywhere Safe from Advertising?

Where does the line between sales and creativity actually exist? I'm surprised they are not printing ads on toilet paper. Read More »

TV Ads with a Social Conscience? Chrysler and Tom’s Shoes Show the Way

Tom's Shoes recently sold its millionth pair after an AT&T commercial featured the shoemaker's free-shoes-for-children campaign. Read More »

Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz, and Throw in Some Irony While You’re at It

There's a reason why commercials don't use the entire song. Read More »


Using the word mayhem can make a world of difference. Read More »

Advertisers Should Sell Products, Not Push Agendas

It's time to end the anti-male bias in advertising. Read More »

Pies, Pizzas, and Huts – Why Do I Care?

Pizza Hut slices prices, the New York Times is ecstatic — should you be? Read More »

The Most Interesting Ad in the World

When does the most commercial thing in the world, a TV ad campaign, become art? Read More »

The Best Super Bowl Ad You Didn’t See on Sunday

Why Pepsi’s “opt out” of the Super Bowl and “opt in” to social media matters. Read More »

The World’s Greatest Advertising Jingle

Can a 40-year-old ad create happiness and harmony in our community? Read More »

Success Through Excess

Sometimes getting to the top means going over it. Read More »