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Music Reviews: A Perfect Day, Coma, Love.Might.Kill, Shakra, and The Resistance

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Blu-ray Review: Coma

Michael Crichton infused this medical thriller with drama and suspense. Read More »

Book Review: Me Again by Keith Cronin

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Endless Beach Reads: Escapism in the Sand

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Home for a Vacation

Natalia has a remarkable recovery from her coma. Read More »

Shut Up

Natalia is in a coma, unresponsive to stimuli. She responds in an unexpected way. Read More »

What Do I Do?

When I return to the hospital I find out that Natalia is in an induced coma. I feel lost. Read More »

Book Review: The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly may be about the end of childhood, but it isn't for children. Read More »

VCV: Pearl Jam – “I Believe in Miracles”

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DVD Review: Life On Mars – Series 2

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