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Book Review: ‘The Dog Stars’ by Peter Heller

Trout and fly rod

The Dog Stars tells an entertaining story, containing all the essentials for an apocalyptic thriller. Read More »

Washington’s Legalization of Marijuana: What a Long, Strange Trip it Is!

I can't call it voter's remorse, but we really didn't see all this coming. Read More »

Slow but Steady Progress by the Colorado Marijuana Task Force

We will soon learn how the state of Colorado will view the newly legal use of marijuana. Read More »

Is Legal Pot for Everyone a Fait Accompli?

Thoughts on the new availability of pot. Read More »

Obama and Romney Conclude Their First Debate

The first debate between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney is history. Read More »

United States: Stop What You’re Doing, Look at What You’ve Done in Aurora, Colorado

Mark my words and take no heart in them. Read More »

Winter Holiday Fireside Moments: An Interview with Beth Groundwater

Beth gets creative with snow families and I hide her stocking 'cause it may have the winning Powerball ticket inside. Read More »

Interview: Thanksgiving Memories with Author Ellen Byerrum

Recipe tip: Please don’t use the ghastly nonfat kind of evaporated milk! Read More »

Book Review: I Must Survive by Harry Simpson

Brad Howard's PBR crew has been killed and he is stranded in Viet Nam miles from base. Read More »

Music Review: High Desert Opera: A Colorado Gem

High Desert Opera is a local treasure; and its bling is getting the attention of prospectors from far and wide Read More »