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Landscape Paintings: What the Eye Perceives

Our own eye is more trustworthy than a rational explanation. Here is what to look for in a landscape painting. Read More »

Book Review: Love The Universe In You: Bliss by Dean Pusell

Love The Universe In You: Bliss is about the simple things in life like nature, color and music. Read More »

News Release – Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

Adobe targets mobile devices with their recent update to the popular Creative Suite Platform. Read More »

Fashion Tips and Tricks for Women Over 50: Accessories

Accessorizing the perfect you for this spring. Read More »

Book Review: Alphabet Woof by Sherrie A. Madia, illustrated by Patrick Carlson

Who knew magical alphabet soup was all you needed to let a dog talk? Read More »

Book Review: Bluets by Maggie Nelson

A delightful book about the color blue. Read More »

My Love/Hate Relationship with The Wizard of Oz (Mostly Hate)

Not everyone thinks The Wizard of Oz is the best movie since Deliverance. Uh…wait…The Wizard came first… Read More »