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12 College Athletes with Career-Killing Arrests or Criminal Records

Police crime scene

What do guns, drugs, domestic violence and battery all have in common? Read More »

Say It Ain’t Te’o: The Bizarre and Unfolding Scandal of a Notre Dame Star Linebacker

In the middle of one of the strangest sports stories in recent memory is a real silver lining. Read More »

Louis Freeh Report: Penn State Top Brass Covered Up Sandusky for 14 Years

It's inexcusable that multiple Penn State top officials cared more about Sandusky than his victims. There needs to be severe consequences for their immoral inaction. Read More »

Book Review: Sumbitch: A Tale of Bigtime College Football and a Girl by Simon Plaster

What happens when college football gets too bigtime for its own britches? Read More »

Blu-ray Review: All Things Fall Apart

The only impressive aspect was 50 Cent's dramatic weight loss to play a cancer-stricken football star. Read More »

Attending Oklahoma Sooners Home Games Will Never Be The Same

The experience of a woman at a University of Oklahoma football game while seven months pregnant. Read More »

Joe Paterno Fired – Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

Joe Paterno will eventually be remembered not for what he has done but what he failed to do. That is a fitting legacy to be sure. Read More »

Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Must Go. Today.

If you cannot recruit, you cannot win. And Joe Paterno will never be able to recruit again. Read More »

My Experience at the OU/Texas Tech Football Game

Alyssa Grimley attended the OU/Texas Tech football game, expecting nothing out of the ordinary. But Mother Nature intervened. Read More »

College Class Takes on Hunger and Poverty at Home and Abroad

There are many ways students can take action to end hunger and poverty. Read More »