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TV Review: ‘Mad Men’ – ‘Person To Person’ a Fitting Finale


For this “real" '60s era "Mad Man”, 'Mad Men' was magical experience. Read More »

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Cola Flap at Penguins’ New Arena

At the new Penguins home: Coke and Pepsi out; RC Cola in. Read More »

Ads Adding Up

How did advertising gain such prominence in our imagination that products are more vivid than people? Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Nicolas Cage plays a lieutenant with a drug addiction in this dark film set in post-Katrina New Orleans. Read More »

Soft Drink History: Pepsi and Coke

Did you know that Pepsi and Coke date back to the 19th century? Here is their history. Read More »

TasteTV Top 5 Report

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