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Pairing Coffee with Cigars

Coffee and cigars go as well together as alcohol and cigars, and are arguably even easier to pair. Here is some advice. Read More »

Book Review: Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know by Andrew Finkel

Required reading for visitors to Turkey Read More »

Tastes Review: Foosh Energy Mints

Coffee wake-up or fresh, minty breath? Now you can have both! Read More »

Caffeination Graduation

The mark of a true debutante in 2012 is a Starbucks Frequent Buyer's Card. Read More »

Spencer’s Coffee House

A coffee house in a quaint downtown setting... Read More »

Interview: Thanksgiving Memories with Author Cleo Coyle

Eat, drink and workout for an extra 30 minutes a day, 'cause Cleo Coyle's cookin' - or wear pj's! Read More »

Finding Peace and Happiness in Colombia

In Colombia, I had a great time, broke my heart and learned all about the famous making of coffee. Wonderful. Read More »

Blogcritics Contest: Murder by Mocha (Coffee House Mystery) by Cleo Coyle

An exclusive Murder by Mocha contest. Read More »

Exclusive Publishing News: Cleo Coyle

Cleo Coyle's 2012 holiday-themed Coffeehouse Mystery scheduled for fall. Read More »

Monks, Friars, and Coffee

What do Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, Green Hornet and George Clooney have in common? A taste for... Read More »