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Manga Review: The Key to the Kingdom Volume One by Kyoko Shitou

This series is about the search for a hidden treasure that will decide who rules the kingdom of Landor. Read More »

Manga Review: Swan Volume One by Ariyoshi Kyoko

Masumi Hijiri is thrust into the world of competitive ballet, and this series chronicles her struggles and successes. Read More »

Manga Review: Tears of a Lamb Volume Seven by Banri Hidaka

This final volume of Tears of Lamb wraps up the story in a satisfying way. Read More »

Manga Review: Tears of a Lamb Volume Six by Banri Hidaka

A shojo manga about a young woman trying to find something important that she has lost. Read More »

Manga Review: Musashi #9 Volume One by Miyuki Takahashi

A well-written and well-drawn manga about a sixteen-year-old girl who helps to save the world. Read More »

Manga Review: Diamond Girl Volume One by Takanori Yamazaki

A new baseball manga series proves promising – but is it an already broken promise? Read More »

DC Comics Axes Its Manga Line

Six-year manga line closes down this July. Read More »

Manga Review: Venus Capriccio Volume Two by Mai Nishikata

The follow-up volume to this shojo romance flounders as it drops its gender-flouting subplot. Read More »

Manga Review: Rampage Volume One by Yunosuke Yoshinaga

A “mature” readers manga takes from a classic work of Chinese historical fiction. Read More »

Reviews in Brief: My Darling! Miss Bancho Volume One by Mayu Fujikata

A broadly comic manga riff on boy/girl roles. Read More »