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Democratic Disappointment


Why are Democratic candidates running from President Obama when they should be embracing his policies? Read More »

Book Review: ‘Ticks’ by Simon Plaster

Ticks A Tale of Climate Change and a Girl

A complex, character-driven comic novel about climate change. Read More »

Rappers, Congressmen, Comedians Gather at Conference of Climate Change Skeptics

Austrian rapper

The Heartland Institute sponsored the 9th International Conference on Climate Change. Read More »

Climate Change: A Disaster Movie in Slow Motion

Climate Change

Climate change is unfolding like a disaster movie in slow motion. Read More »

Sustaining the Environment, One Step at a Time.

Michael Reynolds

A Conference at Omega Institute highlighted what others are doing to move toward prosperous, resilient and sustainable communities that are beneficial for the environment. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Gasland Part II’


Gasland Part II the documentary airs on HBO. Some of it is a rehash, some parts offer interesting insights. Read More »

Book Review: Earth Masters: Playing God with the Climate by Clive Hamilton

Clearly presented picture of geoengineering and the ethical issues that our rapid move towards acceptance has created. Read More »

Global Warming: It’s Time to Panic

President Obama is throwing down the gauntlet on global warming, and smart people are responding with panic. Read More »

Yes, You Can Stop Coal

Before 5 pm Oct 31, you can post your comments to "Recommend Permit Denial" Read More »

Richard Muller’s Non-Conversion to Anthropogenic Global Warming

It turns out that the right-wing media was right: Muller was never an anthropogenic global warming denier. But they still despise him. Read More »