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It’s been 25 years since Elvis died on the toilet, a big fat freak of 42. He was an old man, but two years younger than I am now. Think about this: Elvis has been dead longer than his career lasted, and I’m including the crappy 70s. Yet the King remains as popular as ever (to the tune of $37 ... Read More »

Rhapsody – Power of the Dragonflame

“Power of the Dragonflame” is the fourth full-length album by this Italian outfit. Whether or not you might like this album depends on how you would react to a band that I’d describe as sounding something like a cross between Yngwie Malmsteen and the operatic bits of Queen. Describing themselves as “Symphonic Epic Hollywood Metal”, Rhapsody play what I would ... Read More »

Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Star One – Space Metal

Star One is a new project by the Holland’s Arjen Lucassen, the man behind Ayreon. Like Ayreon, the album features several vocalists, Russell Allen from Symphony X, Damian Wilson from Threshold, Floor Jansen from After Forever, and Dan Swanö. No big name guests like Fish or Bruce Dickenson this time, though. This album sees Arjen steering more towards melodic metal ... Read More »

Rush – Vapor Trails

I’ve been a fan of Rush since the beginning of the 80s. One of the great bands of the 70s, 80s and 90s, Rush had been on hold for several years while drummer and lyricist Neil Peart recovered from being devastated by the deaths of both his wife and his daughter within a few months of each other. While bandmates ... Read More »

Bruce Springsteen: The Rising

How is possible to be Bruce Springsteen? Here’s a guy whose last studio albums with a band came out 10 years ago – and were startlingly banal. The last studio work with his iconic E Street band was 15 years ago, in an utterly different world and musical environment. Yet in the wake of one of the greatest tragedies in ... Read More »

Cracker Forever

David Lowry, the mastermind behind Cracker and the on again/off again Camper Van Beethoven, defies genres and labeling. Founder of Pitch-A-Tent Records, David Lowry masterfully infuses rootsy blues, with country, punk and rock. What do you call that? HOT DAMN!!! Cracker’s first big hit was “Teen Angst,” off their self-titled Cracker cd in ’92. I was living in D.C. at ... Read More »