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The Art of Compromise: Politics Defined

Why is compromise considered a dirty word in modern politics when it is the very definition of politics? Read More »

The State of Politics: Closing Thoughts

Thoughts on the struggle to retain decency in politics. Read More »

Politics in the Past: Was There Ever Really a Time of Civility?

A look at the history of American politics, and the struggle to identify civility's role in it. Read More »

The State of Politics: How Did We Get to This Point?

Things have become extremely nasty in the realm of American politics as of late, but why, exactly? Read More »

The Big Three: A Few Final Thoughts

A few closing notes on the Big Three schools of thought in American politics. Read More »

Shooting in Tucson: An Inevitable Tragedy?

Is today's shooting in Tucson a tragic wake-up call? Read More »

Dr. Laura and the “N-Word”

Dr. Laura claims not to understand the big deal about the "N-word." Really? Read More »

The Friday Morning Listen: Bob Dylan – Oh Mercy

Civility? What civility? Read More »