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Book Review: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

This post-apocalyptic world holds moral virtues in scant regard & forces survivors to ask — what are they prepared to do in order to survive? Read More »

eBook Review: Blomqvist (2nd Edition) by Michael Hickins

Vivid, well-written historical fiction, set in an age of battles. Read More »

The Riddle of Egypt

Egyptian opposition rejects claims of progress Read More »


Closets—we've each got one. If you're intent on forcing open the door to another's, then be fair and be ready to allow others to rummage and sift through your own. Read More »

Burn a Bible on September 11th

Just because you have the right to do it doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Read More »

Burning Books Never Solved Anything

Why Christians should denounce the burning of the Qur'an Read More »

Islam in Medina

Muhammed's (pbuh) entry into the city of Medina, and the mixed emotions that were manifested as he slowly began a political structure among the Muslims there. Read More »

DVD Review: Testament

Testament, a 1988 documentary, offers a unique look at the Bible through an archaeologist’s eyes. Read More »

If There is No Real God, How About an Artificial One?

We need at least to conduct ourselves as though there were one. Read More »