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Book Review: ‘The Seventh Floor,’ A Christian Memoir by Debra A. Deardorff


A heartfelt story of a Christian woman who held on to her faith through an impossible dream. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Warfare’ by Maria M. Bowe


One writer's personal testimony about the importance of moving beyond religion into a relationship with God. Read More »

Interview: RL Keller, Author of ‘Man’s Rejection of God’

Rich Keller

"In the end I call all Christians to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror to determine how much like Jesus they really are." Read More »

Book Review: ‘Authentic Faith: A Survival Guide for Christian Living’ by Bo Lange

Authentic Faith by Bo Lange

A refreshing book that even the most devout and longtime Christian will find to be an affirmation of faith. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Is Being Gay a Sin?’ by Juliet Jacky Hodge

Is Being Gay a Sin by Juliet Jacky Hodge

"What is so great about being heterosexual? Heterosexuals are just as likely to succumb to temptations of the flesh." Read More »

Interview: Lou Poumakis, Author of Faith on Earth?

Faith On Earth cover

"Faith on Earth? addresses the decline in Christian influence in the West over the last two centuries." Read More »

Facing Death’s Question


If I am not being honest and a person of integrity in the here and now, I am ignoring the hope and promise of life. Read More »

Interview: Ryan Wesley Smith, Founder of All For Him Ministries

The 15-year-old founder of All For Him is to tour with RESET Movement this Fall. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: The Bible: The Epic Miniseries

The Bible is an honest, sometimes graphic look at the Old and New Testament that will interest believers and non-believers. Read More »

Book Review: Captured by Moonlight by Christine Lindsay

A captivating story that will sweep you away to the India of the 1920s. Read More »