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The Problem with the Presidential Debates

We are only getting to see characterizations, something that has been rehearsed ad nauseum and it is painfully obvious. Read More »

Braco: Money for Nothing and Chicks(?) for Free

"A sucker born every minute?" I suspect P. T. Barnum was far too conservative in his estimate. Read More »

MSNBC’s Black Agenda: Perms, Afros, and Ed Schultz

MSNBC's "Black Agenda” gave viewers clowns on parade and coonery at every turn. Read More »

TV Review: The Event – “And Then There Were More”/”Inostranka”

The Event is a mix of cool storytelling and predictable drivel. Read More »

A Simple Answer to a Simple Question

What the True Core Issue Lies at the Heart and Soul of This Upcoming Midterm Election. Read More »

Chris Matthews’ Nouveau New Right

The Significance of Sarah Palin to the extremist right. Read More »

Dems Like Howard Dean Just Don’t Get It

Why are the people of America angry and frustrated? Read More »