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Music Review: Stile Antico – ‘Sing With the Voice of Melody,’ Early Music Polyphony Choir’s 10th Anniversary Favorites

stile antico sing with the voice of melody renaissance polyphony

While the English choir applies a constant smooth tonality to its performances, these can still feel fresh, the centuries-old music almost as much as the recent. Read More »

Music Review: Cappella Amsterdam and Daniel Reuss – ‘Brahms: Choral Works’

Cappella Amsterdam

Listeners need bring no esoteric knowledge of classical music to enjoy this album, only an appreciation for beauty. Read More »

Music Review: Stile Antico – ‘From the Imperial Court: Music for the House of Hapsburg’

stile antico from the imperial court

Few Early Music groups have become as integral a part of the performance landscape as the British group Stile Antico. Read More »

Music Review: Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble’s Officium Novum

A partnership of sacred voices. Read More »

Music Review: A Historical Exploration and Musical Performance of Six Franco-Flemish Déplorations

Renaissance court composers would write pieces lamenting the death of an older composer who had mentored or inspired them. Read More »