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Interview: Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Author of ‘The Rockstar Remedy’

The Rockstar Remedy

Interview with Dr. Gabrielle Francis author of "The Rockstar Remedy". Read More »

Book Review: Like Chiropractic for Elephants: How Animal Chiropractic Can Change Your (And Your Animal’s) World by Dr. Rod Block

Based on Block’s experience treating elephants, horses, pigs, dogs, cats and many other animals. Read More »

Book Review: Leaving the Land of Woo by Bob Lloyd

"I have more respect for people who change their views after acquiring new information than for those who cling to views they had thirty years ago." — Michael Crichton Read More »

High Powered Judges on UK Libel Appeal

Big legal guns called in to preside over the Singh libel appeal. Read More »

Chiropractors in the Spotlight

British libel laws make it perilous for science journalists to challenge questionable therapies. Read More »