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Marriage and Children are No Longer Top Female Priorities

Women should not be automatically expected to have children. Read More »

Archbishop Cordileone Uses Anti-Marriage Tactics to Argue Against Gay Marriage

The Archbishop isn't just anti-gay marriage; he is rigidly anti-marriage. Read More »

The Politics of Parenthood: Are Children a Blessing Or a Curse?

The childless craze is gaining popularity with all demographics except one: the very religious. Why is this? Read More »

Are Children Necessary?

Why do many parents insist that having children is indispensable to human fulfillment, when it clearly isn't? Read More »

The Childfree Holiday Letter

Another highlight of the summer was when Gary's niece visited and we took her to see Wicked on Broadway. She's ten, or thirteen, or something. Read More »

Secrets of a Childfree Woman

There are disadvantages to not having children – but not many. Read More »

Navigating the Land of If with Tour Director Melissa Ford: An Interview

Finding Your Way OFF the Island. Read More »