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Not Willing to Give Obama Credit for Anything

It seems the political right and the right wingnuts are so entrenched in their hatred of the president they cannot acknowledge his role in ridding the world of its most notorious terrorist. Read More »

Halliburton, Shell, Other Top Execs Held on Nigerian Bribe Schemes

Executives of major gas, oil, and shipping companies may be involved in illegal scheming. Read More »

DVD Review: 9-11 Justice – Who Belongs in Jail and Why

“Does the order still stand?” — question asked of Vice President Dick Cheney minutes before the airliner hit the Pentagon. Read More »

Could Obama Fall Victim to a Change We Can’t Believe In?

Cheney has no integrity. When he gets passionate over an issue, Independents know to follow either the money or power. Read More »

Iraqi Woman’s Journey Home Ends In Death

Iraqi mother dies during return to homeland to pay respects to father. Read More »

Cheney’s Memoirs and the Threat of History Rewritten

Former American Vice President Richard "Dick" Cheney has written some memoirs... Read More »

Cheney Had An “Executive Assassination Ring?” The Plot Thickens

Right now, it's just a conspiracy theory. I hope that's all it will ever be. Read More »

The Blinders of Dick Cheney’s Patriotism

Dick Cheney -- the Executive Officer of the Chickenhawk Squadron -- is doing his best to avoid an appointment at The Hague. Read More »