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Theatre Review (Singapore): ‘The Way We Go’ by Checkpoint Theatre

Agatha Mao (Lydia Look) and Violet Chan (Neo Swee Lin)

Unfortunately, this critic wanted to love this play, but was left asking what was the purpose of it all? Read More »

Interview: Lydia Look of Checkpoint Theatre’s ‘The Way We Go’

Lydia Look

'It’s essential to speak like an American if you are auditioning for an American role in an American show. [But] yes, I can do a Singapore accent. Once a Singaporean, always a Singaporean.' Read More »

Theatre Review (Singapore): ‘Atomic Jaya’ by Huzir Sulaiman


It isn't every day that a local play, about local people and local issues, comes along that is as funny or more so than the best-heralded comedy from the West Read More »

Interview with Claire Wong, Actress from Checkpoint Theatre’s Atomic Jaya


Claire Wong, star of Atomic Jaya, on the challenges and joys of theater in Singapore. Read More »

Theatre Review (Singapore): For Better or For Worse by Faith Ng

A portrait of an ugly marriage with no easy answers. Read More »

Theatre Review (Singapore): Occupation by Checkpoint Theatre

Checkpoint Theatre proves it doesn't need flashy sets or big stars as Jo Kukathas enthralls in her tour de force performance in this beautifully written play. Read More »