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Book Review: Archetypal Chakras: Meditations and Exercises for Opening your Chakras by Arnold Bittlinger

Finding health and well being through following the Path of the Chakras Read More »

Identifying and Understanding Mental Blocks

Mental blocks can be very difficult to deal with since they often require changing your beliefs about what you can and can’t do. Read More »

How Reiki Healing Can Help You Release Emotional and Physical Pain

Reiki healing liberates the mind from the shackles of long-buried memories, traumatic experiences, and painful emotions. Read More »

The Influence of the Color Blue on the Throat Chakra

Blue is the color of inspiration, healing, peace of mind, and calmness. Read More »

Practicing Reiki as a Form of Energy Healing

Reiki is a natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that anyone can use. Read More »

Chakra Chart: Sounds and Elements

Chakra Chart: Sounds and Elements Read More »

Forgiving Yourself: Making Peace With Yourself

Forgiveness is a boon that you shower upon yourself, acknowledging the fact that you are human and supposed to be imperfect. Read More »

Effects of Low Self-Esteem on Love

Fight for yourself. In the end, you'll only be glad that no matter what, you can always rely on yourself. Read More »

What Is Inner Peace?

If you can make loneliness your friend, then you have found the solution to the biggest problem faced in the world. Read More »

Chromotherapy for Holistic Healing

We use the colour most required by the body to heal and bring a particular chakra into balance. Read More »