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How to Get a New Cell Phone While Still Under Contract

Want a new cell phone but still under your contract? There is a way. Read More »

NTSB Cell Phone Ban Fails Logical Test

This nation faces many serious problems. Using your cell phone while driving is just not one of them. Read More »

iPhone 4 – Love and Hate in a Glass Box

How to love your awesome new phone, while still noticing some of its flaws Read More »

The iPhone Debate – Why Take Sides?

The new iPhone is just around the corner, and its new features will surely spark a hot debate! Read More »

My Superpowers Are Gone

Sometimes you're just better off not knowing where your cell phone was lying. Read More »

Universal Music Group’s “Six-String” Guitar App for the iPhone

Start ripping and shredding with some of the best guitar players in the music world! Read More »

What You Need To Know About Data Deletion Before Selling Your Old Computer

Consumers need to make sure that data on hardware that they want to sell is not recoverable. Read More »

Me and My Droid

The Verizon Droid phone is a powerful smartphone. Real competition for the iPhone and great news for Verizon customers. Read More »

Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man Lives

Some people never learn. Read More »

When a Child Gets Hooked on Texting

My oldest daughter has her first cell phone. We need to monitor our kids' phone use. Texting, especially, is getting out of hand. Read More »