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Blu-ray Review: Hawaii Five-0 – The Second Season

As tiresomely formulaic and clichéd as can be — and that's only after one season! Read More »

DVD Review: CSI – Miami, The Ninth Season

As to how this show has lasted so long is beyond me. Read More »

DVD Review: Hawaii Five-0 (2010) – The First Season

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DVD Review: Perry Mason – Season Six, Volume 1

Recommended for the endearing, nostalgic TV quality that it never stops giving. Read More »

Capsule TV On DVD Reviews: New Releases from CBS/Paramount

Good morning, Mr. Phelps. It’s time to take a spin down TV memory lane. Read More »

DVD Review: Californication – The Second Season

Not bad... but not as good as the first season. Read More »

Capsule Reviews: CSI vs. NCIS

With four different forensics shows on home video, which gets top priority? Read More »

DVD Review: Medium – The Fifth Season

The only show on TV with enough beans to use the dreaded "Papyrus" font in its credits. Read More »

Capsule Reviews: New TV On DVD from CBS/Paramount

Four seasons of entirely different TV shows hit DVD this week. Read More »

DVD Review: The Untouchables: Season 3, Volume 1

Although there isn’t a single solitary incident based on fact, it’s still damn good fun. Read More »