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Presidential Approval: So What?

A lot of people disapprove of a president most of the time. Who is in office does not really matter. Read More »

Jimmy Carter, Faux Pas in Korea.

Carter's accusations against the South Koreans for a lack of humanitarianism have been met with some consternation. Read More »

Iran’s Bold Move

The rise of the Iranian empire. Read More »

Forever Young-minded

Americans cannot handle having an adult in power. How's THAT gonna work out for ya, America? Read More »

Book Review: Theodore Roosevelt’s History of the United States by Daniel Ruddy

“Impartiality does not mean neutrality. The best historian must of necessity take sides.” - Theodore Roosevelt Read More »

Is it the Beginning of the End for Obama?

The Rapid Downfall of Obama's Presidency Starts Now Read More »

Gold, the Dollar and Obama

Is there a relation between gold, the dollar, and Mr. Hope and Change? Read More »

Have the Democrats Jumped the Shark?

For Democrat leaders it's the 1970s all over again, while activists on the right just laugh about being called racists. Read More »