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“I Hope Obama Fails” Just Took On a Whole New Meaning

The GOP path back to power comes with a price that I doubt very many of them would want to pay. Read More »

Canada’s Election Could Impact the U.S. Economy

Proposed Cap and Trade Policy Would Be Felt In Washington Read More »

Green Corruption: The Plot Thickens

The notorious “Banksters” Goldman Sachs, the “Godfather of Carbon Trading” Richard Sandor, and others are operating within this Climate Scam. Read More »

Obama’s Political Payback: Green Corruption –– Part Two

Climate Scam players are powerfully positioned in the middle of cap-and-trade –– the real pot of gold at the end of the “climate rainbow.” Read More »

Obama’s Political Payback: Green Corruption – Part One

Billions of stimulus money going to Al Gore and John Doerr green companies — multiple federal investigations are underway. Read More »

Obama and the Solution that Wasn’t

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste." -Rahm Emanuel Read More »

Interview With Lee Troxler, Co-Author of Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth

Newest book offers a scary warning: Take your money away from Obama before Obama takes it away from you! Read More »

You Should be Furious!

From prescription drugs to federal salaries, it seems that Washington only cares about its special constituencies, not the rest of us who are hurting. Read More »

Cap and Trade is Obama’s Smoot-Hawley

The politicians are repeating the same mistakes of the Great Depression. Read More »

The Price of Going Green

Can we afford the cost of green energy in hidden taxes and job loss? Now is the time to act! Read More »