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What I’d Love to See in the Next State of the Union Address

The Republicans want the power to determine how our economy should go. I say let's give it to them! Read More »

“I Hope Obama Fails” Just Took On a Whole New Meaning

The GOP path back to power comes with a price that I doubt very many of them would want to pay. Read More »

Tea Party: A Koch Industry

Koch Party House members rebelled and the Speakers’ tune changed to another piece of brinkmanship, for which the 112th Congress has become renowned. Read More »

Obama’s Rope-a-Dope

What are Republicans in Congress thinking? They do not understand that the president has suckered them into the president’s game. Read More »

The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Politicians v. Firefighters - You Decide Read More »

Tea Party Fiddles as the U.S. Prepares to Burn

With the Right denying even the existence of a debt-ceiling drop-dead date, how can anyone expect compromise? Read More »

House Republicans Must Be Joking

The lunacy of huge federal spending must end. Read More »