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Don’t Buy Into the Establishment’s “Inevitability Strategy”

Is it all over but the weeping, or are the barbarians at the gates of the GOP on to something? Read More »

Should Doctors Be Able to Lie to Patients? Arizona Republicans Say “Yes!”

The great game of "I'm more conservative than you!" has reached a new low. Read More »

Michelle Bachmann Suffers an Acute Attack of Clarity!

But who among the Republican candidates and cognoscenti are listening? Read More »

Three Candidates Emerge for Tempe Mayor

Longtime council member, Mark Mitchell, decides to run for Tempe Mayor in 2012. Read More »

Book Review: The Politics Guy Campaign Tips by Vic Berardelli

How to run a local campaign in the US in primer form. Read More »

Republican Candidates Have But One Opponent: Mitt Romney

The field of GOP presidential hopefuls has but one task now: drive Mitt Romney out of frontrunner status. Read More »

The Irrelevance Of Infidelity Or, Have We Learned Nothing In 20 Years?

We elected a known philanderer for president in 1992. Why do we still obsess over politicians' marriages, which ought to be private? Read More »

Come Election Day, Leave Fear Off the Ballot

Recent polls show voters leaning toward GOP candidates and it has nothing to do with the issues. It's simply because of party affiliation. Read More »

Jobs:They’re on Everyone’s Agenda, but They’re No Easy Task

Candidates all claim they will lower unemployment, but no one has a viable plan to do so. Read More »

Ten House Races Where Your Support Would REALLY Do the Most Good

Dick Morris has a list of House candidates he likes. Mine is better. Read More »