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Voters’ Zero-Sum Faceoff with Wealthy Campaign Donors

Voters find themselves on the losing end of the bargain known as representative democracy. It adds up to a zero-sum faceoff with wealthy donors. Read More »

An American Shadow: Citizen Projection and Government Dereliction

What afflicts our nation's politics is an influence gap that continually thwarts the will of voters. Read More »

Beyond “Lesser of Two Evils”

Voter unrest stirs the currents of campaign finance reform; will the real, interested parties show up? Read More »

The Only Campaign Pledge that Matters

A regressive family-values pledge opens the door to consideration of a far more meaningful campaign promise. Read More »

The Cracked Genius of Michele Bachmann

Is her recent campaign appeal an exploitive trial balloon for a presidential run or an opportunity for voters to decide who gets nominated? Read More »