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The President and the Economy: Lowering the Performance Bar

A recent poll has given President Obama an out on his mishandling of the economy. But, it won't do him any good to take it. Read More »

Disingenuous Campaign Ad? From Obama? No!

Dissecting a disingenuous Obama campaign ad. Read More »

Why Congressman Weiner Should Resign

It is time for the progressive stalwart to leave the public limelight for his country and his party. Read More »

Voters Send Conflicted Message to Washington: Fix this Mess but Don’t Mess with our Entitlements

Are politics or political power motivating the debate on the budget, the deficit and entitlements? Read More »

The Cracked Genius of Michele Bachmann

Is her recent campaign appeal an exploitive trial balloon for a presidential run or an opportunity for voters to decide who gets nominated? Read More »