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Book review: ‘Promote! It’s Who Knows What You Know that Makes a Career,’ by Rick Gillis


Rick Gillis’ "Promote!" is a must for furthering your career. It makes the case for adopting an accomplishment-oriented mindset that doesn't shy away from stating your value to employers and colleagues. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Huckster: My Life as an Ad Man’ by Ron Elgin

Huckster Ron Elgin

Despite the often self-deprecating humor in these pages, I really appreciated the honesty Ron shows about his business, the mistakes he made, what he learned, and the overall sense of goodwill about work and life that he presents. Anyone in business will be able to appreciate the stories and lessons. Read More »

Book Review: ‘It’s About Time,’ Self-Help by Mark Matteson

It's About Time by Mark Matteson

Some of the advice in 'It’s About Time' may seem like common sense, but it all serves as a much-needed reminder regardless. Read More »

Educational Board Game Review: ‘StartUp’ from StartUp Games


An educational game that makes business fun! Read More »

Ten Ways Your Business Can Build Brand Equity Online

brand equity

In the age of the Internet, brand visibility is more vital than ever. Read More »

Gadget Review: Ecocozie by Daisy


Ecocozies give parents one more piece of ammo in the fight against massive waste and it gives kids a stylish, durable way to carry their snacks and lunch. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Organisational Behaviour for Dummies’ by Cary L Cooper, Lynn Holdsworth and Sheena Johnson


An examination of work psychology as it can be used in businesses today. Read More »

Onlne Business Success: From Concept to Profits


With the low barrier of entry, almost anyone can use their passions to generate online profits. Here's how one client turned their concept into a full-fledged business. Read More »

Interview: Jag Randhawa author of ‘The Bright Idea Box’

Jag Randhawa

" Employees know company products, processes, and customers, and they often have ideas to improve the business operations, but often they have no means to voice these ideas." Read More »

Book Review: ‘Taking Down the Lion’ by Catherine S. Neal


The rise and fall of Dennis Kozlowski, ex-CEO of Tyco. Read More »