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Alexander Hamilton – The Architect of American Wealth

A perspicuous historical overview of the unsurpassed genius who pioneered American capitalism and entrepreneurship. Read More »

Scammers Exploiting MoneyGram Money Order Verification System

Scammers are exploiting an automated money order verification system to trick unsuspecting people into cashing counterfeit money orders. Read More »

Twin Reports Suggest We are Losing the Cybercrime War

Reports on the state of information theft (cybercrime) suggest that the problem is getting worse, not better! Read More »

There’s More Than One Town on the River

The downstream town finds itself drinking the sewage and industrial waste of the upstream town. Read More »

End the Embargo and Bring Back the Cigars

The economic embargo of Cuba should end and normalized relations instituted. Read More »

A Bridge Too Slow

Groupthink served Obama well on the campaign trail, but it could prove to be his Achilles heel when it comes to governing. Read More »

Has Tombstone Become the Town Too Dumb to Die? – Part II

With the elimination of so much handicapped parking, people are asking if the handicapped are wanted in the “authentic” Tombstone. Read More »

Interview with T.E. Scott, Author of The Losing Game: Why You Can’t Beat Wall Street

"The Losing Game explains why Wall Street is the largest casino in the United States, except the games are fixed and the house always wins." Read More »

Oh Give Me A Home Where The Repo Men Don’t Roam!

As hard as the urban campboy life is, do we throw poor folks over the rail to feed wealthy sharks? Read More »

Who Stole Your Customer Service?

Some thoughts about the disappearance of customer service in the technology-run society we live in. Read More »